As a kid I was into martial arts. After every class, I would find the head instructor and ask him a question. Apparently, it became annoying because he started limiting how many questions I could ask. He wasn’t being a jerk, he realized I was asking questions to problems I could solve on my own. Many years later, I saw myself working hard to have all of the answers for those on my team. I would study and think ahead of the questions they could ask and figure out the answers ahead of time. I wanted to be prepared and thought of as the “go-to guy” and it worked.

It wasn’t until later that I realized what the team needed was not an answer person. They needed someone who would mentor them on their own journey to find the answers. We have a tendency to become one of those helicopter parents to our teammates and it stifles their growth just as it does for our own children. Instead, we need to challenge those on our team and let them work their way through the problem. They will stumble. They will fall. But, they will learn.

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