If my memory serves me correctly, every year in school I took some sort of English class. Along my journey through school I was also given the opportunity to take a year of Spanish and 3 years of French (I remember very little). One language they never really teach you about is body language.

This is one that can get you in trouble…I know it did for me. Let’s just say if you don’t agree with what your boss has to say in a meeting and you throw your arms in the air and let out a big sigh…you will probably have to hang out after the meeting…that was the first lesson I think I received in body language. I’ve shared that story with many folks in hopes that they can avoid that “after meeting” and I made it a point to handle my differing opinions in a different manner.

I know we all know what body language is and have probably seen a similar example as above. Today is just a gentle reminder to think about your body language…it says a lot more than you think!

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