Many times when we hear the word “invest” we think money. Investing effort in making you better can be just as valuable…maybe even better. The best thing…companies are willing to help invest in you because a better you is good for them.

This might seem like a pat on the back, but this is just showing how much the military invested in me. I came in with a high school diploma and a desire to succeed. I left with 2 Associates, 1 Bachelors and a Masters degree. I left having attended months of training on how to become an Electrical and Environmental aircraft mechanic. I left taking classes on teaching me how to give speeches (Airman Leadership School (ALS) and Basic Instructor Course). I left learning how to be a better leader and learning about Air Force history (ALS, Squadron Officer School, Air Command & Staff College). I left taking courses on Logistics, LEAN, Six Sigma, Jet Engine Mishap Investigation…I even earned my PMP before I retired. My new company offers similar opportunities to invest in yourself and I’ve gotten 2 certifications through them too!

I tell you this not because I’m trying to put a resume out there…I’ve got a job. Too many times we pass up the opportunities that are put in front of us to better ourselves. I’m telling you today to take advantage of those opportunities. Yes, it will require some of your time to do it. Might even take a little bit of money, but it will be worth it. My life has been changed forever because of the investment the Air Force put into me…I just capitalized on it. So, no matter where you work, do your research and invest in yourself starting today and change your tomorrow!

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