When I retired from the Air Force I ran for the last time. Didn’t really enjoy it and my back had enough. I did go out and buy a bike…and I love bike riding. The saying is true…”it’s like riding a bike”. I got right on it and took off…but that wasn’t how I started out. I don’t remember the day or my age, but I do remember that I learned how to ride my first bike with a set of training wheels. You see many parents still today, standing beside their children, teaching them to ride their first bike…training wheels helping to keep them balanced.

Those memories made me think about our workforce today. Some companies provide training and some don’t. I’ve often heard “you’ll learn how to do it on the fly”. Could you imagine if you’d told your child…”let’s go on a bike ride, you’ll learn how to do it on the fly”? Even though we may think something is an easy task, it isn’t easy for someone who doesn’t know how to do it. Teach them, then let them ride beside you…you’ll be amazed how much quicker they’ll learn and improve their skills. Think about that today and next time you see a child learning how to ride their bike…teach them right and many years later they’ll be able to go back out and pick right up where they left off. Have a great day!

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