I can remember the days when we would write letters, pass them to each other and then have to wait for another letter to get a response. Many of those letters had questions with easy responses…check yes or no. We even found creative ways to fold those letters…but the anticipation on waiting on that response was always the worst…then technology came around.

Now we can write messages on computers, phones…even through our watches. We can yell at Alexa or Siri to dictate the message for us…we don’t even have to type. I often wonder if COVID would have happened 40 years ago how we would have, or would it had even been possible, to work from home like many do today?

Yet, still today, we find the art of communication still as difficult as ever. The simple concept of sending the message, receiving and decoding the message and the receiver providing feedback to the receiver. As the message sender, all I want to know is if you received my message. If you are busy or need some time to get an answer, let me know that and I can move on to other tasks. Seems like, at times, we are in the same spot we were with those folded letters…still waiting for the school day to end to find a folded up letter in the locker hoping we’ve received a response.

Everyone will take what they want from this today. My hope, keep communication flowing with the tools that are provided to us. Without it, we might as well go back to writing notes with “check yes or no”. Have a great day!

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