I thought about this question today and compared it to a simple carpentry project. Goal is to build/create something and that is going to require some sort of fastener…probably nails or screws. Some tool will be used to insert the fastener…might be a hammer, impact wrench, nail gun…heck I’ve seen a variety of items used on a nail. Regardless of all of that, I came up with one conclusion…

One tap of a nail doesn’t get it all the way in. Putting one screw in will not hold the entire project together…so what’s the message. Making one impact makes a difference…but you have to keep doing it. Make an impact today and come back tomorrow and make an impact then…and again the day after that! Decide on what project you want to complete and keep making an impact until it is done! Then guess what…start the blueprints for your next project…or help someone with theirs…just keep making an impact!

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