We certainly spend a lot of time reading about the future…I know I write about it a lot. Setting goals, building a roadmap, learning from the past to be better in the future…all good things and I’m not saying to not do any of that…but today, it’s about living in the moment.

Today is only going to happen one time…so better make it the best day ever. Maybe today, you reached one of your milestones…take full advantage of it! Today, an opportunity may arise that you didn’t expect…think about it before you say yes or no. Whatever you are doing today…the day you are reading this…give it 100%, because when tomorrow comes you’ll look back and have 1 of 2 thoughts: 1) I’m happy with how I performed yesterday or 2) I wish I would have done fill in the blank yesterday. Don’t let today slip through your hands…live in the moment…enjoy today and I promise your tomorrow will be better! Have a great day!

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