You may work for one job or many over your life…time will tell. Regardless, you will work with many different teams and organizations within those companies over that time. There are folks that come to work every day because they “have” to…but they do the work and go home. You’ll find all sorts of personalities…but the ones that are really special are the ones that truly care about the organization and the people in it. Those are the ones that truly care about making a difference. They’ll pour their heart and soul into it…then one day, it will be time for them to go.

You may find yourself in that situation one day…maybe many times over the span of your life. While you will no doubt find yourself giving everything to your new team…you’ll always reach back to see how that old team/organization is doing once in awhile…don’t feel bad about that. Don’t continue trying to be a part of that team…that won’t turn out well 🙂 Just something I felt like writing about today as I’ve thought about old teams…and yeah, I still reach back once and awhile and check back. Have a great day!!

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