I have no clue why the thought of amusement park lines popped in my head today…but it did…and made me think. We spend so much time in our lives waiting in lines…but always looking for a faster way through. We’ll scan all the lines in the grocery store to see which one we might get through the fastest. I just saw a couple the other day…each one stood in a separate line and then when one got to the cashier the other went over. We spend a ton of time in lines in traffic…and either you do it or you watch someone else bob and weave their way through the lanes to end up getting 1 car-length ahead of you. We are always rushing, typically frustrated…looking for a faster way to get through the line.

Ah, but then comes the amusement park line. With the exception of the few people that get the fast pass…there is no trick to get through faster. There is that one ride that you must simply ride and you will wait, knowing that it is “2 hours from this spot” before you will ride. The line lanes are marked and we will walk back and forth looking at the same ~20 people about 40 times before we get to the ride. While we are in that line we actually stop and take time to talk to the people we are with, share some stories, laugh…and for some reason those 2 hours seem to go by a little faster.

Make today an amusement park ride line. Whatever line you are in is going to get you to somewhere or something that will check off a goal…so you might as well enjoy the line. Talk to the person your with or talk to the person behind you…never know who you might meet…just enjoy the line today. Have a great day!

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