I was having a discussion yesterday and mentioned that I didn’t make “knee-jerk” decisions…and if you know me I don’t. I like to make sure I have all the facts I need first, think about it for the appropriate amount of time and then make the decision. Based on the complexity of that decision, it could range from minutes to days to make the right decision…but that’s me.

However, we are all human, and on a daily basis I’m sure we may see or hear things that make us react. That might be outwardly with a facial expression or maybe something we say (be careful there…could get you in trouble). It could also be inward…with your emotions. I would call those “knee-jerk” reactions or emotions…and that is okay. You have to know how to control them and not let that emotion turn into a “knee-jerk” decision…that is where folks seem to make bad decisions. So today, just think about that…separate emotions from decisions. It won’t be as easy as you think…but will turn out better in the long run. Have a great day!

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