Isn’t it great to get to say “yes”? Usually that is making someone happy…giving them something they want…that is the answer they want to hear. Life gets a little harder when you have to say “no”. Maybe it isn’t the right time, it isn’t the right decision for the organization…or maybe it was just a bad idea and the obvious answer was “no”. Your delivery of those 2 simple letters can set the tone for your organization though from that point forward. There is the simple, “no, because I said so” answer…not usually a way to win folks over. Maybe you go with a “no, but here are some other potential solutions we could go with”…or allow them time to come up with other solutions. You might even go with a “no, and here was my thought process…”. There are many other ways in which you can say it…just giving you some food for thought today. My primary point is…”no” is an acceptable answer and it should be given when the time is right…just remember that when and how you say it will go a long way. Have a great day!

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