I’ll admit, I enjoy watching a funny video…I think we all need some humor in our lives. Shaqtin’ A Fool is a collection of videos of NBA players…sometimes the videos are funny and many times the commentary and laughter is even better. Anyways…I’m going off topic…you’ve got to remember, the NBA is the group of the “elite”, the “best of the best” players, and only the top players make it to the NBA…yet you can find hours of videos of mistakes, blunders and miscues that will make the viewer laugh…but while watching I’ve always picked up on some lessons learned…thought I’d share:

  1. No matter how good you are, you’ve always got room to improve. Never stop practicing, never stop taking the steps to make your game better.
  2. Don’t get complacent…keep your head in the game. As soon as you stop thinking about what you are doing and just “go through the motions”, mistakes are going to happen.
  3. Keep your head up…we are all going to make mistakes. Even “the greats” show up on these videos…they make mistakes too. How you handle those mistakes will define where you go from there. Get back on defense and stop the other team from scoring or sulk about your mistake and your team will be a person short on the other end of the court…don’t leave your team hanging.
  4. Learn to laugh and have fun. Not all mistakes are funny and can be more severe…so the time has got to be right…but when it is, smile, dust yourself off, learn from your error, share it with others so they will learn and move on.

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