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Daily Deliberation: 13 September 2019

It is scary to think of all the opportunities I have missed by “hoping” someone would do something for me. It took me 39 years to realize that we are all trying to succeed in our own way and no one is responsible for my future except me. Sure there are those great mentors who help and guide, but still the effort is our own. Don’t waste your time waiting for someone to hand you everything, go earn it.


Daily Deliberation: 7 September 2019

Good times make weak leaders. Weak leaders make bad times. Bad times make good leaders. Some of the times I have grown the most were when I was working for a bad boss. I did not like the way the team was treated and had to learn things on my own. Bad leaders made me better; however, when good leaders refuse to get comfortable, they take their teams to amazing places. Refuse to get comfortable when things are going well, look for ways to set up your team for the next challenge.

Daily Deliberation: 2 September 2019

This is a very powerful notion for NCOs and SNCOs. We spend more of our time focussed on ensuring our teams are doing the right things. If we spent more time developing our teams, they would be better equipped to take care of the mission. Develop your team and let them do the rest.

Daily Deliberation: 28 August 2019

This is such a simple concept for leadership. We can all do this. We don’t have to have the charisma or even the experience. We just need to be humble. Not the type of humble that people like to trample on, door mats are not humble. We need to take action to help others succeed. Everyone can focus on one person and just one thing that can help them get just one step further.

Daily Deliberation: 12 August 2019

I don’t think I could any wisdom to the Dalai Lama. I do think this is a great mandate for those with any form of leadership role. We have to set them up to be successful without you and still seek ways to continue to add value into their lives. I love how this is an on-going challenge that pushes them to grow and doesn’t allow me to get lazy.

Daily Deliberation: 6 August 2019

This is something so few of us will actually try. Two things have stopped me in the past: fear of what lies ahead. Will I fail? What would others think? AND lack of experience. We can’t forge new paths if we don’t have the knowledge and training. The experience and courage to make new paths comes from trying; failing; learning; trying again. What could you do to gain experience needed this week?

Daily Deliberation: 22 July 2019

Have you ever disliked someone at work? It is a chore to be in the same room. I would have to go out of my way to be professional and yet make sure I was not being nice. It took so much more energy and their lives were typically un-phased by my efforts. It is better to just love on everyone and look for the common ground in those you dislike. Hate never wins.

Daily Deliberation: 21 July 2019

We need to nip problems in the bud. When we see someone doing something they are not supposed to, we need to call them out and correct it immediately. Walking past a problem is like stepping over a piece of trash. When our team sees us doing either, we are setting the example that we welcome this behavior. However, when we ensure a culture of dignity and respect, others will notice it too. They will enforce our standard even when we are not around.

Daily Deliberation: 9 July 2019

Doesn’t this sound so simple? When we refuse to climb aboard the negative train to nowhere, we are already a step ahead of our peers. No one wants to follow a leader who is negative…it is like trying to walk through a muddy field with flip-flops. Be the person who talks about solving problems and not the one who just points them out to others.

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