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Daily Deliberation: 27 March 2020

The moment I stopped worrying about what others thought of me and focused on helping young NCOs build confidence in their own abilities is the moment I realized I could have an impact.

Daily Deliberation: 11 March 2020

Bottom line: Are you investing in people?

We spend so much time checking the boxes and teaching our team to check the boxes, that we hardly spend the time truly developing our team. We set them up to win awards and to get better forced distro rankings, but are we setting them up to lead? We need more leaders, not more promotees.

Daily Deliberation: 9 March 2020

Are we trying to make things around us better or simply repeating the same motions? Leaders need to stand up and silence those who are just echoing issues. We need to take ownership of the problems surrounding us and make things better.

Daily Deliberation: 3 March 2020

I find it amazing all of the things I was told that I could not do when I was younger. When we are young Airmen and NCOs, we are so filled with passion and motivated to fix things. However, their ideas are shut down before the first step is taken. I know I have re-attacked some of my old ideas now that I am more seasoned and they were shockingly easy. They would have been just as easy when I was an Airman, I just didn’t have people telling me it wasn’t possible now. The next time you have an idea or hear one from a teammate, give it some encouragement. It is better to try and fail than to do nothing.

Daily Deliberation: 2 March 2020

I completely believe we need to define what it is that makes us successful. For me, making rank is not my measuring stick for success. It is a external symbol. These external symbols of ranks, awards, etc. do not define success, they are the fruits of our labors. However, these are what people look at when they are judging our ability to be successful. When you look back on the last couple of years what are you most proud of? For me, it has been the people I have been able to help or the exciting projects I have been a part of. Work towards what excites you and will make you proud one day.

Daily Deliberation: 28 February 2020

I have learned we can be the smartest person in the room and have all of the right answers and still not make a difference. Until people realize we have their best interests in mind, they will never listen to what we are saying. If you want to make a difference, stop worrying about proving how right you are and start working towards a solution for your team.

Daily Deliberation: 13 February 2020

I was once told others don’t remember what you say; rather, they remember how you made them feel. We have seen this in action and probably are guilty of it ourselves. I know I am. Think about someone you respect. They just forfeited on a promise they made to you. Maybe they missed a meeting or are late on something they were supposed to deliver. Most likely, you are upset, but think they missed it because something important must have come up. You made an excuse for them without knowing any facts. Now, what if it was someone you don’t like? You’re probably already typing an email to his supervisor. What changed? Nothing. Only the way this person made you feel.

Daily Deliberation: 12 February 2020

I love this. So often we do something good for others and then want to tell everyone what we did. When I do this, I ask myself: “Did I do this for them or for me?”

Daily Deliberation: 10 February 2020

A lot of times we ask the wrong questions as we are seeking feedback from peers and superiors. Ask “How can we work better together?” instead of “What am I doing wrong?” It is very hard to point out the negatives to others. Have you ever had that counseling session where you had to tell a troop they were the stinky kid? Definitely not an easy thing to do. When we seek growth feedback, know it is not easy for the other person either and set them up for success.

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