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Daily Deliberation: 19 May 2019

Creating clones of ourselves is useless. In the book, Turn the Ship Around!, David Marquet talks about how he thought to be a great Navy Captain, he had to give great orders. His crew would be on the ready awaiting his every word and not move an inch until he said to. He realized he couldn’t think for dozens of people at the same time and that in order to be successful, each one had to lead themselves. We are not designed to walk and chew gum at the same time. We need to develop those on our team to do their jobs and let them go.


Daily Deliberation: 17 May 2019

I have learned we can be the smartest person in the room and have all of the right answers and still not make a difference. Until people realize we have their best interests in mind, they will never listen to what we are saying. If you want to make a difference, stop worrying about proving how right you are and start working towards a solution for your team.

Daily Deliberation: 14 May 2019

Judging by the posts popping up in my Facebook feed, we could all use this advice lately. We are wired to do something when we sense danger. The problem is that we are sensing negative posts or comments as if they are a saber tooth tiger in our caves. We feel as if we need to pounce and save ourselves by countering with vile comments of our own. We could all benefit by taking a moment and realizing we will survive if we don’t fight back. Reacting to anger with anger never works.

Daily Deliberation: 8 May 2019

I was once told others don’t remember what you say; rather, they remember how you made them feel. We have seen this in action and probably are guilty of it ourselves. I know I am. Think about someone you respect. They just forfeited on a promise they made to you. Maybe they missed a meeting or are late on something they were supposed to deliver. Most likely, you are upset, but think they missed it because something important must have come up. You made an excuse for them without knowing any facts. Now, what if it was someone you don’t like? You’re probably already typing an email to his supervisor. What changed? Nothing. Only the way this person made you feel.

Daily Deliberation: 5 May 2019

Have you ever had a bad day? I have had one or two along the way. I can remember taking out my frustration on random people because of very minor incidents. We do this all the time. We snap at our family or friends because we had a rough day; however, we get mad when others do this to us. When this happens, we need to be patient as we know they are not angry with us; rather, at the situation. Take a breath and don’t fire back at them with anger.

Daily Deliberation: 30 April 2019

It is amazing the moment a leader realizes that the goal is not to have a team of followers but a team of leaders. When you do not empower and develop your team, you have to think for each one of them and direct them accordingly. When you are doing that, you can’t accomplish anything else. When you empower and train your team, you are now thinking about the big picture and moving the organization forward. You can focus on where you’re going and how to develop even more leaders.

Daily Deliberation: 22 April 2019

I was never a credit hound, but I certainly was the guy who wanted to do it all on my own. I thought it was easier to not have to worry about other people and they often just slowed me down. This worked ok as a young Airman and early on as a NCO; however, it quickly led to burnout. We need to remember we are not in this fight alone and each of us can add value to the task. Until we learn to work with and lift up the others, we can never be a leader.

Daily Deliberation: 18 April 2019

I have read in a Harvard Business Review article about the power of appreciation. The author said that those who don’t feel appreciated at work have a 30% higher rate of coronary disease than those who do. We are literally killing our teammates by not appreciating their efforts or listening to their concerns. Now, think about all the times you felt valued at work and how much harder you worked for that team. Why not create the same environment where you work?

Daily Deliberation: 17 April 2019

Over the years, I continually hear great leaders compare being a leader at work to parenthood. We love our children and want them to succeed. We don’t alienate them or label them as losers when they mess up. They always know they have a place on the team even if they mess up. However, we also are willing to correct them and offer growth feedback because we want them to succeed, not because we want a “world’s best parent” coffee mug. We care more about their success than about being a friend. How is this any different than being a leader?

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