Deliberate Development

Professional Development for the Military Leader



Daily Deliberation: 6 February 2020

I have watched leaders whom I truly admire just sit back and take it all in. They would listen to everyone’s opinions, gripes and everything else. The only time they would break their silence was to ask clarifying questions. Then after listening to all, they would share their decision. True wisdom isn’t just showing what you know.

Daily Deliberation: 2 February 2020

I have been a student of servant style leadership for many years and serving those on my team is something I hold as a priority. Servant leaders are not meant to be submissive and weak; rather, using our talents and experience to set our team up for success. This quote from MJ helps me to place my thoughts into words. Leaders need to earn their role and that is done by caring for the team. I used to go to work everyday with the idea that my team is writing my EPR and I tried to live up to their expectations more than those of my actual rater.

Daily Deliberation: 29 January 2020

One of the hardest things to do as a leader is to stand in front of your team and tell them you failed. However, we all make mistakes and need to own them quickly. Once we acknowledge our missteps, we can learn from them and move onto a smarter path for the next attempt. Our teams respect us more when we can admit we are not perfect and they are more likely to ask us for help when they make a mistake.

Daily Deliberation: 28 January 2020

I still get angry at myself when I have to learn lessons the hard way. I love to read and learn from others and see many of their triumphs and their successes. However, so often I do not adopt the principles or practices to ensure I am not making the same mistakes. It is not until I fall into the pit myself that I finally realize the danger. We all fall down, but most of our falls could be avoided if we focus on the lessons others are trying to teach us.

Daily Deliberation: 27 January 2020

“How was school?” …”Fine.” This is the response on most days as I drive home with my kids. Sometimes, they just don’t want to talk about their day and sometimes something bad happened. The trick is to look for the real meaning behind the words. This is why it is so important to look our team in the eyes as we speak to them and not rely on texts or emails.

Daily Deliberation: 25 January 2020

Most of us struggle with telling someone ‘no’ or something else that could crush a dream or even just disappoint. We lead our friends on about something they want us to do with them, but we have no desire to do. Then when it becomes time to act, we make up lame excuses. Just like when you were a kid and broke something, the earlier you came clean the lighter the punishment. Be honest up front and it will be appreciated much more than an empty excuse later.

Daily Deliberation: 23 January 2020

My first day of work as a MSgt, I was looking for all of my minions to serve me. Instead, I walked into the office and my boss tore into me about something that happened on the other side of the flightline on a different shift. I learned very quickly (literally day one) that I was responsible for everyone and everything in my scope. It was my job to watch over and push those on my team, not have them serve me. I do admit, having minions would be cool 🙂

Daily Deliberation: 22 January 2020

If you are not learning as a leader, you are not going to last. I remember being in a role where I thought I was the expert and stopped developing myself. It wasn’t long until I was being passed by my peers and even those on my team. I no longer had all the answers and my boss was going elsewhere to get the information. This was my wake-up call to ensure I am constantly learning about my job and the peripheral areas around it.

Daily Deliberation: 17 January 2020

What does this quote from Alexander the Great mean to you? To me, it means we have to be strong as leaders. We can’t be afraid to stand up for our team and to our team. I recently watched as a supervisor chastised his subordinate and then flip-flopped when he got push-back. If he could not even stand firm with his troop, how in the world is he expected to stand firm when talking to someone higher in the food chain than himself. Being a lion means we have to protect the team and also ensure we are handling issues on the team too.

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