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Daily Deliberation: 13 December 2017

It is amazing how many times I have said this, but have failed. I allow others to pollute my mind or temperament by listening to their nonsensical ideas. When this does happen I try to stop and ask myself why I even care in the first place. If they are sharing an opinion about something that will not impact me 5 minutes after I walk away, I walk away or simply listen. If it is something that can’t be ignored, I do my best to get to the root of the issue and keep out all of the extra garbage people try to dump in there.


Daily Deliberation: 19 November 2017

We are meant for great things. However, when the finish line of the race is designed to edify ourselves, we are missing the point. We have the gifts and talents that we do to further a cause or an ideal. We will all be pushing posies at one point, but the causes we champion will continue on. I already know you are a legend, no need to prove it to anyone else. Further someone or something and your work will live on forever.

Daily Deliberation: 10 November 2017

I have been guilty of doing this a lot. I have actually quit new endeavors before they had a chance to take hold. I have made excuses not to try something new, because I might look like an idiot. We need to stop worrying about the bad things that could happen and be present in the moment. We can actually sabotage our futures by worrying about the next step so much that we forget to do something vital now. It is like when a football player starts to run before they catch the ball. Ensure you are fully in this moment before you think about the next.

Daily Deliberation: 4 November 2017

This is something I struggle with often! Occasionally, I will have an idea I came up with or one that my team did and start to push it. I know it is the right solution and that it would benefit so many. However, just like young Calvin in this picture, my “packaging” is not the best. No one wants to hear they are not perfect or their original idea is the problem we are all trying to solve. Two things we can do: package it in a way that motivates them to change. Sometimes, I concede credit and allow them to think it is their idea. The second thing is to not get married to our own ideas that we resist any critical feedback we may receive.

Daily Deliberation: 2 November 2017

This is something I find I have to keep telling myself over and over as I am entering this next season in my life. There are so many things out there that seem like they would be so much fun and even productive for those around me. However, they are different and therefore scary. It doesn’t help that we don’t offer others feedback or encouragement very often. What if someone told you today that you are doing a good job at something you are doing? Wouldn’t that be great encouragement to continue doing it? It may even be the encouragement you need to try something new. So, why don’t we start doing this ourselves and pay a compliment or positive feedback to someone we work with.

I would love to hear about your experience afterwards:

Daily Deliberation: 19 October 2017

Isn’t this the truth?! We spend so much time arguing over certain points and think everyone else is wrong, in denial or just plain stupid. The truth is, they just have a different viewpoint based on the reality of their own lives. We all have different needs, backgrounds and experiences that have forged us into what we are today. We need to worry about what matters to us and strengthen that stance instead of spending our time weakening another. If our’s truly is superior, others will eventually see the light.

Daily Deliberation: 15 October 2017

Yes! This is very timely for me. I was just scrolling through some posts on my news feed and was getting angry at some of the things people were posting. Why? Many of them weren’t posting them to be hurtful to me specifically. Even if they were, who cares? We have to stop giving people so much emotional control over our lives. My pastor says to stop worrying about WHO is right and work towards WHAT is right.

Daily Deliberation: 7 October 2017

It doesn’t matter where you have been or where you are going. When you get there, you are still you. Learn from your past and improve yourself to be the person you want to become. Look to the future and work to be that person you know you can be. Then look in the mirror today and marvel at the beauty.

Daily Deliberation: 30 September 2017

I am sharing this one for two reasons: 1. it is pretty funny and 2. it is a reminder that just because we are not always in the leader role doesn’t mean we can’t be tough. In fact, I think leaders need to develop their flock to be leaders themselves. No one can think for multiple people and if you develop your team, you will have multiple people think with you. If you have an IQ of 190 (genius level stuff) and have 10 people with IQ’s of 90, they are still smarter than you collectively. Don’t herd sheep to blindly follow…create battlesheep who are ready to lead!

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