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Daily Deliberation: 30 March 2020

Ever see those people who have something to say at every meeting? Most of the time they are not adding an ounce of value and usually derailing the conversation. Why? So often we feel the need to chime in because we want to contribute. Next time you are about to speak out, think about if the group could still succeed without that comment. If they can, no need to say anything.

Daily Deliberation: 28 March 2020

I wish I was strong enough to never have negative thoughts about my own abilities. If I were, I would be writing and mentoring others full time. Our thoughts control our attitude and our attitude controls our actions. Driving negative thoughts from our mind is much harder than most of us would like it to be. However, we all know the other side of the coin is much shinier.

Daily Deliberation: 26 March 2020

All to often we spend hours and even days on creating the perfect plan. The only problem is that plan is useless the moment it is put into action. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned and that scares us. Don’t give up making a plan, just put it into action a bit sooner. Commit to where you are heading and then take the steps to get there. Plan for the next step, not the next 50 steps. When you are committed to an end game and plan the next step and then move into action, you will succeed.

Daily Deliberation: 25 March 2020

Someone once said that history is important to learn, because it always repeats itself and the wise person will survive. The same is true with how people act and think. The same leadership principles we discuss today were in play thousands of years ago, they just didn’t have the motivational posters on the wall. Study the underlying themes and principles of those who preceded us so we can mentor those who will succeed us.

Daily Deliberation: 23 March 2019

When we are about to step out of our normal routine, we hear voices say to stop. Sometimes it is our own voice and sometimes it is from another. Take a step back and think about what it would mean to be successful in this new endeavor and what is the worst case scenario. Almost every single time, the risk of trying something new is minimal compared to what the voices are saying.

Daily Deliberation: 22 March 2020

There is a big difference between: “I am going to read more this week” and “I set aside time on my calendar to read from 7-7:30 each day this week.” If you are not willing to make time for something, stop talking about it.

Daily Deliberation: 19 March 2020

Ever sit in a meeting and wonder what was so complicated about why you’re there. There is a problem and we have the resources to fix it. Why are we not creating a plan? So often the problem is not the actual issue. The issue is our inability to take ownership of the problem. All of those people sitting around the table are trying to prove the problem was created by someone else and their resources will assist, but not do it all. Step up in these situations and take ownership. Even if no one else gives you credit, there is someone down the line waiting for a solution.

Daily Deliberation: 18 March 2020

Through different PMEs and on-base classes I have taken, a similar statement was made, “Even if you don’t learn much, at least you will meet some new people.” I saw plenty wrong with this advice. First, why go into something close-minded as if there is nothing I can learn? Secondly, why do we wait until a class to meet new people. Sure that is when we are exposed to others, but we are constantly interacting with other agencies every single day. Take advantage of these moments and learn about the other person and what they do. One day what you learned about that person or from them will work to your favor.

Daily Deliberation: 17 March 2020

I am a firm believer in doing the hard work of researching solutions for problems. I read books and articles in the area I am struggling with. I try to boil the problem down to one key thing I can solve and then think through many solutions. Notice, I haven’t done anything yet to actually solve a problem. Some never get past this stage out of fear that they may choose the wrong solution. If you put in the work, you will be able to make an educated decision. Make the choice and work your solution. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, you now know one thing that doesn’t work…Go again 🙂

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