As supervisors, one of our biggest challenges is guiding and mentoring our people. Without doubt, feedback is our most critical tool, providing us with a broad mechanism that, when used properly, results in substantial gains on many levels. Unfortunately, we do not appropriately utilize this mechanism as often as required. In addition, we as supervisors often lack appropriate training and mentorship. As people, we often let personalities and emotion cloud our judgment.

There is no one silver bullet to solve our feedback dilemma. By dilemma, we’re referring to the constant struggle to both seek and provide feedback appropriately. Supervisors and subordinates alike often miss the point of feedback. Feedback is far more than simply sitting down with a subordinate and running through some check boxes on a form.

Feedback is about establishing a foundation of conduct and performance based on objective and measurable standards, identifying minimum expectations, and laying out individual and team goals. Moreover, feedback is an opportunity to re-address those same points over a period of time, to review a member’s performance over that period, and to provide an opportunity to help a member correct course when necessary.

Reference: The Total Feedback Package (v 2016-12-19-01)

**Editor’s Note: Join us over the next several weeks as we dive deeper into performance feedbacks with Daniel and Chief Vasser**

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