Being the father of 3 grown boys, I’ve been known to “lecture” them a lot about life. Having recently retired from the Air Force and being on the job hunt, I’m having to remind myself to practice what I have preached. One of my “lectures” focused on the importance of setting goals and how that goal was like a destination put into a GPS. There is always more than one way to get to your goal…usually one particular way is recommended. Every once in awhile something unexpected happens…might be a traffic jam, accident or you just simply missed a turn but you hear that voice come through your phone and it says “recalculating”. Doesn’t say you’ve missed that opportunity and you can’t get to your destination, just tells you a different way to get there. Life is the same way. You might have a goal, you have your mind set on how you want to achieve it and then something unexpected happens. That’s when friends, family, co-workers and mentors step in and help you “recalculate”. Whether you are the goal setter or know somebody with a goal, do something today to help that destination get reached.

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