We’ve all heard the phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. I had a Chief who used a similar phrase that I’m going to steal today…same concept. He would say it during our briefing to our new personnel each month at our Welcome Briefing and I think anyone could apply it even though this example is from the military. My last “job” was the Air Force but during my time in the Air Force I had a lot of assignments and held many positions…some I asked for and some I didn’t, some I enjoyed and some I didn’t. Chief would always tell the new folks a similar story but would end it by saying “if you get put in charge of the broom closet, make it the best damn broom closet in the Air Force”. My take on it, if you love your job, put your heart and soul into it everyday, regardless of what task is put in front of you. Your hard work and attitude in which you did it will get recognized. Thanks for always telling that story Chief!

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