For some reason I’ve really been thinking about that Tough Mudder I did back around 2016…and just comparing it to how we succeed…or fail today.

They build this course so the only way you can truly make it through is with teamwork. One obstacle requires 3-4 people to lay on a ramp at a steep angle and stand on each other’s shoulders…kind of making a ladder. Then folks use that ladder to climb the ramp to get over. Many obstacles are similar, requiring someone to help you get over an obstacle….but what comes next is what is interesting. Let’s say Runner A is at the top of the ramp and extends their hand to help Runner B over the top. Runner B then has a choice…stop and help Runner C…or head to the next obstacle?

So I’ll ask you…when you look back at your life/career, how did you compete during the race? We are all going to finish it one way or the other…but how you play says a lot about you. Did you extend your hand when you needed some help? Sure hope you did…but did you look back and see who was behind you? Did you relieve the person who extended their hand to you and say “keep going…thank you for your help”? Play the race right…or maybe at the next obstacle there won’t be a hand waiting to help you.

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