When I was on active duty it was pretty common to work 12-hour shifts…nature of the business. During the day I’d find time to get some push-ups and sit-ups in and at the end of the day, 2-3 times a week, I’d get a run in…before I went home. I took pride that for the most part I didn’t take work home with me…except that dang phone!

Then in March 2020 the world changed and home remained our home but also became the place we worked…I am still working from home today actually. Too many pros and cons to try to cover in one article…but one point I wanted to hit today is…when do you draw the line at home and call “done” with work at now you’re just at home? It’s pretty easy when a problem arises to just head back in to the office to answer it “real quick” or put in a couple hours on a Saturday to get caught up.

This is a reminder to keep a check on yourself and for your teammates…especially those that are teleworking…keep that balance between work and life. You can still burn yourself out right from the comfort of your “home” and not even realize you’re doing it! Have a great day!

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