Ok, who works at the perfect job? Who lives in the perfect neighborhood? How many have perfect co-workers and friends and wouldn’t change a thing about anything?? If you are one of those folks…stop reading, I have nothing to offer today.

Now, the question is what do you do about it? Complain about how bad everything is so everyone else knows your feelings? I’m not saying that you should bottle up your feelings but as many of my bosses have told me over the years…don’t just bring a problem, bring a solution. Those same bosses have said the phrase “Leave it better than you found it” and I’ve echoed that to my teams through the years too. I’m sure you reading those words is not the first time you’ve seen them yourselves.

I guess my thought today is this: 1) No of us have the perfect life or perfect job, 2) It’s okay to let others know what you feel could be better, but offer up a couple of ways you might make things better, 3) Then make it happen…don’t stop at “the idea pitch”…keep going until you can look back and say to yourself that you made that particular situation better than you found it! Have a great day!

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