Up front, yes, I know we are all busy…and if you’re not, then you should be actively looking for something to do. However, I know way too may folks that can acknowledge that they have 50-100 emails sitting in their inbox waiting to be answered…or being that many of us are in a virtual environment, numerous chat messages that they haven’t gotten around to responding too yet. Sometimes I even feel like they take pride in the fact that they are so busy that this is their justification or acknowledgement that they are needed. While this may be partially true, there are still 50-100 folks waiting on a response from YOU so they can continue working on whatever it is they need that response from you on so they can move forward. So my question for the day is this…at what point do you say “I have too much on my plate and I need to empty some of it so I can serve my team the way they need to be”? Many times nobody else realizes it above you because your team “deals with it” and gets the job done anyways. Nobody will know until you say something. There is nothing wrong with asking for help…but don’t wait until it is too late! Have a great day!

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