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Joe Lawrence

Joe is passionate about developing others using the lessons he has learned from education, mentors, military and life. His personal mission is to serve others through mentorship so they can grow into their full potential as leaders.

Daily Deliberation: 21 February 2019

Service Before Self. We are taught that this core value is about sacrificing our wants for the betterment of the mission. In reality, service is about enriching the lives of others by helping them achieve their goals. I serve my subordinates and peers by offering what I have learned and seeking ways to enrich their lives. I serve my superiors by making sure I take of what they entrusted me with. I serve my nation by pouring my heart into making my team the best they can be so they can impact those in their sphere too. Service is about what we give up, it is about what we offer up. (Here is a longer post about this: Service Before Self)


Daily Deliberation: 20 February 2019

When we are starting out, we are not afraid to fail. We even have the “I’m just an Airman” mentality that gives us a pass for making simple mistakes. However, we get to the point where we are good at our jobs and others recognize our talents. We become the go-to technicians and have a reputation of excellence. It is here we become afraid to take new risks. “What if we fail? People will think we are not the best anymore.” Truth is, there is someone coming behind you not afraid to take on new challenges and they will soon surpass you. Remember you are successful because you weren’t afraid to fail in the beginning, not because you never failed.

Daily Deliberation: 19 February 2019

How true is this?! So often we hit a wall and take “a break”, but never start again. We know we will have to start again at the place we were stuck before. We look at starting again in a begrudging manner. Instead, we need to look at it as a challenge we can and will overcome. None of us look back on challenges we faced and overcame with regret, but regret the times we gave up all together.

Daily Deliberation: 17 February 2019

I am very guilty of this one. I have so many ideas for stories, courses I want to build, professional development products I want to create, and not to mention the things I want to do with my family and friends. However, just having an idea doesn’t do any good if we can’t get it out of our heads and place it in motion. The few times I have been successful at this is when I was deliberate in putting those tasks on my calendar and vowing to work on them at those times. Ideas without plans are like lost treasures with no map. Don’t deprive the world around you from the great things you are capable of and draw your map today.

Daily Deliberation: 16 February 2019

I remember being a flightline expediter and thinking I was doing a great job because I was able to get the required number of people onto the job in a timely manner. However, my chest thumping was short-lived when I would realize they were not making things happen like I had hoped. I learned it was not their fault, I had failed to give them direction or express the big picture of where we were going. Once I learned to provide this for them, only then could they harmonize their talents to accomplish the mission.

Daily Deliberation: 15 February 2019

We are all born into different circumstances. In life we get dealt different cards. Sometimes we get a great hand to play and other times we don’t. This is not what makes us great. What makes us great is what we do with the gifts we are given. When we embrace our gifts (no matter how big or small) and use them to impact those around us and to enrich our own lives, only then are we truly great.

Daily Deliberation: 14 February 2019

Sadly, most of our career goals are time-centered and not quality-focused. For example, we have X number of months to get signed off on 5-Level tasks or X number of months to complete EPME. We are even encouraged to only have certain duty titles for a limited amount of time. The reason is because time is something that can be measured and monitored easily; however, we all know a date on the calendar doesn’t make us better, our continuous efforts do. Strive to master your craft by working on it daily and not just “leveling-up” then moving on.

Daily Deliberation: 13 February 2019

Most people would argue they are not ignorant or certainly not making a choice to be ignorant; however, most of our Facebook feeds would disagree. We share stories we have not verified because they support a belief we have. We know almost all news sites and many websites are prone to “fake news” or spinning a story to support their narrative and yet we eat it right up. Then we spread it to our family and friends in an attempt to be the first. Dr. King warned us about this almost 60 years ago as did many others throughout history. Take the time to become informed on the facts of the story and not just on how it makes you feel. When we drive with our feelings, we allow them to forge our realities.

Daily Deliberation: 12 February 2019

I think it is a shame that we idolize celebrities as much as we do. Not because they are necessarily bad people, but because we admire their lifestyle and luxuries they possess. Again, it is not bad to admire success; however, we want what they have without doing the work they did to get there. All the lessons they learned to be successful and the appreciation they gained for their amassed wealth is because of what they experienced during the climb.

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