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Daily Deliberation: 13 March 2019

Think about if we took our parents advice and ate an apple a day or learned something new everyday. Imagine the benefits of that. Would it make us the smartest or healthiest person on the planet? Probably not, but we will certainly not be worse off. Now, what if we drank three sodas and watched two hours of TV a day? The effects of the things we do as daily rituals compound over time. We can use this to our advantage or to our detriment. The good news is you get to choose.


Daily Deliberation: 11 March 2019

When we invest in others and are deliberate about the legacy we leave, we will live forever. We still talk about and idolize the legends of the past because of what they did. William Wallace who fought for freedom, our forefathers who risked it all to create our nation, and the list goes on. All of these people placed their ideals ahead of their own selfish desires and invested in others. Even after their bodies stopped, their vision lived on. What ideas can you pass on to others?

Daily Deliberation: 9 March 2019

My whole perspective on life changed when I stopped caring about what others thought about me and what others were doing and I looked inwardly. I was so concerned if others would think I was stupid or with the fear of falling on my face in front of them. It was crippling. I hit a point where I had to solve some problems and realized I was the root cause of these problems. I was holding my team back, because of what others may think. I took a good long look in the mirror and realized I was not that pretty anyways and who cares if I get some mud on my face. 🙂

Daily Deliberation: 5 March 2019

As I have gotten older my mom’s “you can be whatever you want to be” advice has taken a different meaning. I am pretty confident I will never become a brain surgeon or beat Lebron James one-on-one. There are certain jobs in the military that I would not do well in either, but I am ok with that. We don’t have to be the wing commander to have a voice or be a leader. I see new Airmen and Lieutenants leading every single day. In fact, it is these “boots-on-the-ground” leaders who are the true leaders pushing the mission with a can-do attitude. I do not need rank or authority to be a leader; I need to have strong character traits. I can’t always control ‘what’ my job will be, but I can control who I am.

Daily Deliberation: 3 March 2019

I think we look at things we face in our lives and workcenters as if they are beneath us. I know I have done this many times throughout my career and am guilty of it still on occasion. We think the task is too simple for us or something we did as an Airman and are above that now. However, our actions are obvious to our teams and we do lead by example. When we are above the minor things, our teams look down on them too. Instead we need to accept we are not above any single task present in our workcenter and all of the little details make up the whole. Don’t let your position or ego get the better of you.

Daily Deliberation: 26 February 2019

My father once told me that if I want to be a champion, I have to run with champions. Back then I took it literally and sought those who were the fastest in my school and hung out with them. I eventually carried this habit into other areas of my life and realized true champions do something differently than everyone else. In fact, what makes them champions is that they do what others are not willing to do. While everyone else was out partying, they were in college classes. They stayed after the unit PT sessions and worked out some more. They waited a couple of extra months to save for something they wanted instead of charging it their card. Basically, if you are tired of not succeeding in some area of your life, look for something new to try.

Daily Deliberation: 22 February 2019

So often we look at what could happen and let all of the “what ifs” control our actions. We become crippled with the fear of something that isn’t even real. Statistics stop us in our tracks. Numbers on paper or a trend from the past. Sometimes there is not even a historical basis for our fear; rather, the ramblings of some idea fairy. It is very important to plan and seek the smartest route for our time and resources. Once we come up with a solution that is in-line with our core values, pull the trigger and go for it. Learn to recognize actual dangers and escape from the “what if” fantasy world.

Daily Deliberation: 19 February 2019

How true is this?! So often we hit a wall and take “a break”, but never start again. We know we will have to start again at the place we were stuck before. We look at starting again in a begrudging manner. Instead, we need to look at it as a challenge we can and will overcome. None of us look back on challenges we faced and overcame with regret, but regret the times we gave up all together.

Daily Deliberation: 22 September 2018

Almost every single time that I have given in to my fear, I later regretted it. I knew I could have succeeded where my fear held me back. Yet, I still give in.

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